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    My situation is
    1. I entered to USA through company ‘A’ in the month of 21st Dec2013, and my family joined me in the month of 24th Apr 2014, during this time all our VISA were valid till 31st Dec 2014.
    2. Then in the month of Nov2014 all our VISA got extended to 09/29/2017 with I94 also till 09/29/2017.
    3. In the month of Jan 2015, I left Company ‘A’ and joined to another company ‘B’ as H1 got transferred, however this H1 transfer was never approved and got denied. Meaning I was working on Receipt notice, for almost from Jan 2015 to Mar 2016.
    They got denied because we didn’t get the all the required paper documents. However, I have all the paystubs and W2 for this company and tax paid documents.
    4. During Mar2016 I got an offer from another company ‘C’ and my H1 got transferred based on Company ‘A’ approved VISA and they got approved from 05/13/2016 to 12/21/2018 along with I94 also got extended.
    5. Due to project changes in company ‘C’ my H1 further got Amended twice and now I have valid H1B VISA right from 12/06/2017 to 12/27/2019. Meaning now I have valid VISA which is approved till Dec2019 with I94 also.
    Now questions.
    1. With the above situation there are two times H1 transfers happened within USA and for one company ‘B’ H1 was denied and another company ‘C’ H1 is approved and valid till Dec2019.
    2. All of VISA on our passport got expired as on Dec2014 and I am planning to visit India in the month of June and go for stamping.
    3. What kind of questions that I need to get ready or prepared for the point no3, as my H1 was denied and never got approved. Will they tap this situation at the time of stamping? Because he will immediately look at my company ‘A’ VISA on my passport in one hand and company ‘C’ approved VISA on the other hand.
    Please advise.