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H1B Denial And Revocation

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  • H1B Denial And Revocation


    My current situation is:
    I have changed the employer before couple of months back from Employer A to Employer B. Now, the H1 transfer(Premium Processing) with Employer B is in process and it is in RFE status.
    I have I-94 validity till 2020.
    I have also checked the status of my previous employer A's H1B which is in
    "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It".

    Based on my above situation, I have the following queries.

    1) What happens if RFE turns into denial? Is there any grace period to stay in the United States with valid status and legally?

    2) If there will be any grace period then can I find another employer C to file fresh H1B transfer process in that period?

    3) What if Employer A's H1B revoked and Employer B's H1B denial? Can Employer C still able to file the H1B transfer under cap exempt?

    4) Can Employer C will be able to file the H1B transfer when Employer B's H1 is still in progress? Will there be any effect on approval?
    If both Employer B's and Employer C's H1B are approved then can I resign from B and go to C?

    5) If Employer B's H1B turns into denial then will they be able to file again the new H1 transfer?

    Can someone please help?