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H1B transfer after 60 day grace period

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  • H1B transfer after 60 day grace period


    I went from L2 to H1B COS in Oct 2016 (H1B not yet stamped on the passport).
    My previous employment ended on July 27th 2017 and after completing 60 grace period I switched back to dependent L2 to remain in status (went out of the county and came back as L2 was still valid).
    I have got a job offer now from an employer who is willing to file my H1B COS petition from L2 to H1B.
    I understand that I will not be required to appear in the H1 lottery again since I have prior approval.

    Can I join the new employer based on H1B transfer receipt from USCIS or I would have to wait for the H1B approval (I797) before I can join?

    Please let me know.