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H1B to H4 transfer post 6 years of H1B

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  • H1B to H4 transfer post 6 years of H1B

    hi.. I am working on H1B which is valid 1 more year and with 6 years exhausted, no more extension possible after that. My wife is also working on H1B and her visa is valid for 2 more years now.

    1. Will I be able to transfer my H1B to H4 once 6 years on H1B is over and stay in US?

    2. Can I convert my H1B to F1 and complete my masters post completion of 6 years or I have to het H4 first and then F1?

    3. After staying on H4 for one years can I get other employer file my H1B and I get back to work post 1 year or I have to back and spend 1 year outside US?