Hi, I have been informed by my employer and attorney that my h1b extension has been filed under premium processing in second week of January 2018. My current h1b petition and I-94 got expired on first week of feb. Now today I came to know that fedex has lost that package and it has been resend again and delivered to USCIS and receipt is generated. I have a couple of queries-

1- what is my current status now? Whether I am sole responsible if status loss happened?

2- Shall I stay in usa or go back to my native country?

3- Shall I take legal advice from another lawyer?

4- USCIS can help in this odd case? - as my employer attorney says that USCIS agreed to process case as they received petition on expected date(i.e. Jan 2018).

5 - I don't have any proofs except email communications that says extension has been filed 3 weeks ago. Would it save damage to my credibility?

Now my extension has been filed and have receipt (which show 4 days off status), but I am too much confused about decision and future consideration Please suggest!!!

It all happened inadvertently and I was Miscommunicated and I did trust the email communications.