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Need suggestion on education for h1

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  • Need suggestion on education for h1

    I have B.Sc (Computers) and 1 Year NIIT diploma and working in same field from last 18 years.

    I got RFE on speciality occupation on my extension on the bachelors degree. my attorney might be giving the note up for progressive experience in the same field to match to Bachelors.

    (Wage level 4 and BI Architect role with US based employer who is not h1 dependent.) my 140 approved 2 years back.

    I want to pursue further education and have the bachelors equivalent here. what is the best option here

    1) go to community college and complete remaining credits and work with credential evaluation to match with bachelors.

    2)transfer credits is not option as they are not considering computer science credits which are done more than 5 years.

    3) is there any university will have bridge program to complete the credits and enroll into masters.