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H4 to F1 Change of Status and Spouse's H1B Extension

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  • H4 to F1 Change of Status and Spouse's H1B Extension


    My wife came to the US on H4 in 2016 and started a Masters degree in Fall 2017. Her COS application from H4 to F1 was already in process, when my H1B extension was filed. Hence, she was not added to my application to avoid having 2 concurrent immigration applications in her name. My extension was approved in October 2017.

    As of yesterday, my previous H1B has expired but her COS is still pending. What does that maker her status to be? Is there a risk of her being out of status? If it is, I would engage my employers to start the procedure of adding her to my extension also. She is a full time Master's student right now. She called the Vermont center today and they said her status is "normally pending".

    Also, NY state licenses have a "temporary visitor" status that expired yesterday and needed prior updating. The application requires either SSN or Social Security Ineligibility Letter. As my wife is on H4, she got the letter from the Social Security Office. However, the DMV refused to process her application after consulting with "IOCU" on the phone as "IOCU" suggested that she is eligible for an SSN *now* ! When we called the Social Security Office, they said we need to call DHS.
    This what made us worry about her status:
    1. how is she suddenly eligible for SSN if she's still on H4 with pending status to F1?
    2. if there has been any change in her status, including going out of status, how will that be communicated to us?

    I am hesitant in her calling the DHS as we are not sure about her status right now and that could be problematic. Also, it all started with trying to get the DL updated, which is a necessity for a student like hers.

    I would appreciate any and all help from you in this matter.
    Thanks in advance.