Hi All,

I'm really in a confused state for past 1 month. I only get difference of opinion when I talk regarding my Issue. First let me explain myself.

My Wife came to US in May 2016 in H1B. I was working in India till Jan 2017 because my Company promised me for H1B sponsoring. Since they didn't Sponsor for H1B, I quit and came to US in H4 to stay with her. Luckily there was a consultancy who was ready to sponsor for H1B which got approved on the end of Dec 2017. Now I have my 797B approval copy and started looking for a Job as contractor, as I have to work in this Consultancy's payroll.

Now here the real problem started.
Now my Consultancy is telling that, I am still in H4 status and my H1B is inactive. since it is processed without the client letter. To activate my H1B, I need a client letter so that they file a amendment ( which takes 2-3 weeks of processing time ) . Once activated I can join the work and on the same time I can apply for SSN also.

But When I'm getting the calls from Company, they are ignoring my profile because of few reasons like

* I don't have SSN
* They are not ready to give the client letter before I join.
* I can join only after the approval of the amendment for which they are not ready.
* Few Recruiters cannot understand this concept that "my H1B is in Inactive, Im still in H4 even though I got my 797 approval copy".

Now My question is

* What is this H1B inactive means.
* Am i eligible to get SSN or not ? If Yes should I need to be in Payroll immediately.
* How H1B is approved without a client letter.

Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Panneerselvam