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  • US consulate interview

    hi, i am sorry as i am late in posting my interview experience at US consulate Mumbai. I went with my husband and 1.5 year old kid. It was interview of my husband with H1B visa and me and my daughter applied for H4.
    Our Time was 10.45 am. We reached at venue at 10:00, since we were with a kid ,we were given special permission to enter inside in 5 minutes only. We were asked to sit in row already full of people. The moment the staff saw us with a kid, he allowed us to go inside and proceed for interview. There was a huge queue for interview but we were given priority and it hardly took us 5 minutes that the staff allotted us Token no. .

    Our daughter was very cranky at that time, we were getting nervous thinking that how we will manage our interview. She was not ready to come to me. My husband was holding her, i wanted him to be comfortable. But as soon our turn came , we stood in front of the officer. We wished him. He replied with a smile. My husband asked him can i hold my daughter in my arms.The officer was so kind to us that he said , yes sure, enjoy this time !

    The officer asked few questions to my husband :

    1.Since how long you had been working with your present company in india
    Sir, 8 years.

    2. Are you going to work with a client or employer?
    Sir, directly with employer.

    3. What role you are going to perform ?
    Told roles and responsibilities of my work profile.

    4. Where are you going to work ?
    Florida (Miami)

    He worked for 2 minutes on his computer.

    Then he asked me Since how long you have been married?
    I to officer : Sir, 4 years

    Finally, he said :

    Your Visas are approved , congratulations ! You may collect your passports in 3-5 working days.

    Be patient, confident and believe in yourself !

    You ll succeed.

    All the best.