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H 1 to H4 and Back to H1

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  • H 1 to H4 and Back to H1

    I am currently on H1 B in my 8th yr valid till 2018 and I have i140 approval . I wanted to take a 6 months break for personal reason so I wanted to look at my options :

    what if I change from H1B to H4 ead, after my break when i want to start work I can change back to H1 b. So my question is will I get h1 b approval based on I140 even using I140 even though it's change of status form H4 ead to H1B where I have already used 8 yrs of h1 b previously .

    Second q : Is their any time period with in which one need to come back to H1 b status from h4ead in case they want to be on H1 B