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I94 denied in first transfer but approved in second

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  • I94 denied in first transfer but approved in second

    Hi all,

    My VISA expired on June 2017 with i94, employer A applied for transfer before expiration but the application got RFE due to wrong information. My HR ignored that RFE and applied for another transfer with PP and correct information and the H1B was approved but i94 denied. I decided to leave the company and join company B who applied my H1B with PP and consular processing and "correct information". I got my H1B approved with i94(the new lawyer said that was mistake from USCIS in my favor).

    So my question is:

    1. Do I still need to goto home country to get a VISA stamp (my old Visa on my passport is expired)?

    2. Will there be any problem at port of entry if I travel after 12 months of my VISA expiry?

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    Anyone help please?

    Looking for an answer. Any comment will be appreciated