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In person Interview even though qualified for DropBox

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  • In person Interview even though qualified for DropBox

    Hi All - I am qualified for the visa waiver program. I still want to go ahead and attend in person interview rather using dropbox option because I feel it is easier to sort things in face to face given the current ambiguity. In order to do that I chose the "NO" option instead of YES for "my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months" question. This was the only way the scheduling website would allow me to do in-person interview. I am hoping this would not create any issue, but I would greatly appreciate if somebody can share their previous experience and advise.

    I work as Full Time Employee for a company for past 3+years, I was with same company the last time I attended the interview and I am in the same role. My visa expired 4 months back and I am planning to schedule it for month of May.

    Pls advice or share your experience...!