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Laid off on H1B, found multiple offers in 60 day grace period.

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  • Laid off on H1B, found multiple offers in 60 day grace period.

    I got laid off from employer A with last day being Feb 28.
    I recently got an offer from a small consulting firm (Company B) that has filed my H1B transfer in regular processing and has asked me to join the client in 1 week (assuming they get receipt notice in 1 week). They pay on a monthly payroll (ie, 1st paycheck April 30 '2018).
    Today I got a full time offer from company C that MIGHT file H1B transfer within next 2-3 weeks ( 1 week after I join Company B) in premium processing.
    I'm planning to join Company B next week and if Company C's petition goes through, I'll join Company C on receipt notice (probably without even 1st payslip from Company B).

    1. will petition from Company B considered a Bridge?
    2. Can Company C's petition (premium) get approved before Company B's (regular)? If yes, can I ask Company B to withdraw its petition?
    3. Will starting work at B (but no paycheck before C's approval receipt) be a problem?
    4. Can B's and C's petition be approved independently?
    5. If 4. is true, then if B's petition gets approved after C's, do I need to leave C company?

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    Hello friend - Can you please update on your case. I am in exact same situation.