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H1B intent to revoke

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  • H1B intent to revoke

    I filed H1B extension for client A on Jan 2017 and it got approved on April 2017. My project in client A got over on May end 2017. I got a site visit from USCIS on June 2017 to my employer asking if I am still working for the client A, my employer said no. My payroll was running that time. On August 2017 I got a project for client B and my employer filed an amendment for client B. Project at client B lasts for only 2 months and I joined another project for client C on Dec 2017. My employer filed Amendment for client C. On March 29th 2018 I got intend to Revoke notice for my actual extension which happened through Client A. My employer filed for the appeal to intent to revoke notice. I am currently with client C. On April 9 I got an RFE on amendment filed for client C. My employer is going to reply to this RFE. Client C is EVC model.
    My question is 1) Can my amendment petition for client C save my H1B as I know intend to revoke notice will revoke my H1B.
    2) should I apply for premium processing while replying to the RFE?
    3) Should I try for transferring my H1B as well. If so, should I try for premium processing or normal?
    4) How much time it will take to revoke the H1B if appeal to intent to revoke notice.