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H1B Transfer after I94 expires

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  • H1B Transfer after I94 expires

    Hello Knowledgeable people!

    I am undergoing Transfer process and needed real help from you through your experience/ your knowledge. I tried to search alot on the forums but couldn't find the exact answer for my situation.
    So I was selected for an opportunity by a new employer. The problem is my I94/Visa/Petition expired on April 12, 2018. My "current employer" has already filed a petition for extension on Jan 25, 2018. My "new employer" was waiting for approved LCA, which they received on April 12, 2018 and then sent the package for my H1 Transfer (regular process not premium) to USCIS on 12th April itself which was delivered to USCIS office on April 13th. They suggested not to file Transfer in Premium as I don't have Client letter yet to avoid atleast 1 chance of getting RFE (Client letter is usually given after starting to work for new client).

    Will I be safe as the H1 Transfer was filed the next day of my I94 expiry?
    Will I get RFE/Rejection and if so, can that be challenged stating the package was sent before I was out of status?

    Thanks a ton in advance!

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    I am having a similar situation, could you please share your experience.