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H1 and O1 Visa at the same time

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  • H1 and O1 Visa at the same time


    I received the approval for my O1 visa application a few days back, and also recieved the H1B receipt (so I am hoping I will get the approval for H1 as well in a couple of months). So my question is if I wait for the H1 approval to come and then go out of the country and get my O1 visa stamped (I kind of need to do a trip out of the countey as soon as possible), and at a later date if I want to change jobs, can my new employer still file the H1 for me without going through the lottery. In other words, even if I don't use the H1 visa now, does the fact that it is approved now mean that I don't have to go through the lottery again? If one doesn't have to go through the lottery, getting an h1 approved is much easier than getting the o1 approved again I think.

    Thank you!