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No Valid Visa. Need to bring my kid from INDIA

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  • venkattallapaneni
    update the result

    Even i am in same situation. update the result.

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  • Vangipuram
    Did your wife apply?

    Hi Chinna,

    Did you wife and kid apply for H4? at chennai and did they get it. Iam also in similar situation . Please help


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  • veena_swsh
    Best option would be for your wife and kid to apply for the H4 together at the same interview. They will just need copies of your approval and I 94 which is valid till 2007. Its OK if your passport does not have a valid H1B visa on it

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  • prambaa
    My understanding is visa required only for travel

    as per my understanding by going through these forums,

    visa is required only to enter to USA. And as long as I797 and I94 are valid, there shouldnt be any problem for your wife & Kid stamping.

    that's how it happens when people extend their h1b right!

    anyway get seniors comments

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  • jmjchinna
    started a topic No Valid Visa. Need to bring my kid from INDIA

    No Valid Visa. Need to bring my kid from INDIA

    Hi Everyone,

    I don't have valid visa. my visa is expired on Nov-2005 but i have valid I-797 valid upto April 2007 also have valid I-94 valid upto April 2007.

    My one kid is staying in India. I want to send my wife (H4. No valid visa on passport) to India to bring my kid to USA.

    I planning to send my wife and kid for stamping to Chennai US Consulate.

    My question is, can I send my wife and kid for stamping with my valid I-94 and I-797 and without valid visa on passport?

    myself and my wife don't have valid visa on passport.

    Let me know what kind of risk is involved?

    Thank you,