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Cancelling Pending L2 Application to take up Job on H1B in next 15 days

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  • Cancelling Pending L2 Application to take up Job on H1B in next 15 days

    Dear Forum Members,

    Request your expert guidance on below situation.

    I am currently on L1A visa and my wife was previously working on H1B visa till 3-Apr-2018 (Quit the job on H1B due to unforeseen reasons) with H1B stamped till 2020. My L1A extension was filed on 1-May along with L2 Conversion for my spouse. Meanwhile, she got another job on H1B and H1B transfer to new employer got approved in Aug-2018 where she is joining from 20-Sept-2018.

    My L1A extension is still with USCIS and my company applied for premium processing on 6-Sept. My queries are:

    Q1. Should I request my employer to withdraw her L2 application ASAP considering USCIS may take any decision in next one week considering premium processing. However concerned on going her out of status as she will join job on 20th Sept.

    Q2. If L2 application is not withdrawn and is approved in next one week, what would be the impact on H1B application. Would they again need to file for L2 to H1B transfer or can send for L2 cancellation request after joining job on H1B.

    Q3. Can she keep Approved L2 & H1B and join new employer on H1B without cancelling L2? or cancel L2 after joining job on H1B.

    Request your expert input as my employer is not helping on these queries. We are big dilemma. Thanks much for inputs.