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Surname misspelled in approved H1B petition(in I-797 and I-129)

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  • ronkotak
    Hi, I am also sailing in same boat there is an issue with my approved i797 there is swap in date and month of my date of birth. My visa team says same that i can go for stamping. But it's a problem as I797 has wrong date though it's a small typo. How did you handle this situation? Please give your inputs as it will be very helpful to me.


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  • Surname misspelled in approved H1B petition(in I-797 and I-129)


    I have received my approved H1B petition, got validity till Nov/2020. I noticed Sur Name is misspelled in the I-797 and I-129 docs. i.e. A letter is missing in the middle of my Surname. This is Cap Exempt case and i have got my previous petitions having correct spelling in the beneficiary name.

    I have checked with my employer(Visa Team), they said this will not have any impact on Stamping(Chennai, India), since passport has correct spelling H1B visa will get stamped based on the passport details. Also googled, if misspelled in I-129, then its an employer issue not with USCIS. I guess, since the issue with my employer(Visa Team) they are just simply saying this will not be an issue.

    Can you please help with the following queries.

    If i go with my employer's recommendation, will I get Stamped visa based on my I-797 beneficiary name or by my passport name.
    Will it have an impact when i go for extension or if I switch company @ US.
    If you suggest, i need to change my name in petition docs before stamping. Do I need to apply for Service Request or Amendment? How long will it take to process. I have scheduled PA for stamping in a week.
    Please assist me on this. If you anyone faced similar issues, please share your experience and let me know your suggestions. Really appreciate it!!!

    Thank You!