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H1b Dropbox and 221g [ NEW Delhi Consulate]

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  • H1b Dropbox and 221g [ NEW Delhi Consulate]

    I want to share my husband's experience for all those who are struggling to get their visa after receiving 221g.

    My husband's visa got expired in Aug2017 but had approved petition till 2019. He had gone to India for 15 days during which he was hoping to get his visa after stamping. He was eligible for Dropbox submission but it turned out to be a bitter experience. Here is the timeline

    16 July 2018: Drop Box submission [ My husband submitted all his required documents for H1b in the Dropbox ]

    25th July 2018: Received an Email from USCIS stating that your case requires Administration processing ( Asked to come for the Interview and Fingerprints) * Asked to come for the Interview before 10AM.

    27th July: Reached there around 9, Numerous questions were asked about the company, client, background and the VO handed over 221(g) White slip). They demanded 6-7 documents in which most of them were company's confidential and financial details. e.g W2, all the employees list with all the employee details, their immigration status etc.
    VO then took the passport. [ It was a positive sign]

    30th July: Passport Pickup Email- By the time we were arranging documents got another email from USCIS for passport pickup. [ I don?t understand why did they even take it when they had plans to return]

    1 August : Went to pick up the passport. But received another white 221(g) letter along with the passport. This 221g had all the documents checked mark. This time they had demanded client information also. They demanded more documents along with the previous ones.

    Since documents were sensitive so employer decided to not give the docs to my husband and asked their attorney to take this case. My husband had to fill a form to give the attorney the right to reply on his behalf. Attorney took around 20 days to gather all the documents and they sent it over email. The 221g or the email from USCIS had no size limitation mentioned for the documents. Attorney sent the documents over email.

    22August: All the documents were submitted.

    28 Aug: Email from USCIS to drop the passport.

    30 Aug: Status changed to VISA Issued.

    After three days picked up the passport and finally he is here.

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    Such nonsense!

    It looks like they didn't take too long to issue the visa after all the requsite documents were submitted?
    Also could you please share what the white slip contained?