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Location change amendment of H1B VISA

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  • Location change amendment of H1B VISA

    In both scenarios, I will be working from employer's location and NOT from client location. I have not provided client letter because I am not appointed at client location to work.

    Scenario 1:

    I am in India right now.
    If my H1B VISA petition is approved for location - ABC city, for an example and I have NOT stamped H1-B VISA from Consular yet.

    Now my employer is going to file an H1B amendment for changing location from ABC city to XYZ city (because these both cities are not in metropolitan limit), if my H1-B is approved.

    What will happen if amendment of XYZ city location is rejected ?

    Can I still travel to USA with originally H1-B approved petition for ABC City, Or not ? Kindly advise

    Scenario 2:

    Same as scenario 1 except I have ALREADY stamped H1-B VISA (having petition and LCA on ABC city which is originally filed), and now my employer is filing H1B amendment for XYZ city.

    Adding another question, I have already approved I-140 (EB3) based on previous L1-B, Do I need to work with my employer on amending new location of XYZ city location if my petition is approved?

    Your advise and help here will be much appreciated!!!