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is it good idea to apply for H4 EAD now?

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  • is it good idea to apply for H4 EAD now?


    My Wife is currently on H1 which is valid till AUG 2019 and i have valid I-140. Now i'm applying for my H1 extension in PREMIUM and thinking of apply for my wife's H4 EAD along with my extension. Since i'm filling my h1 extension petition in premium, expecting to get H4 EAD status in 2 weeks along with my H1 extension.

    With the recent revocation news related to H4 EAD, is it good idea to apply for H4 EAD at this point? Anyone has applied recently or planning to apply for H4 EAD now?

    Also,I would like to understand the TimeLines that will be followed for the H4 EAD revocation process to kickin once USCIS submits policy after 3 months, can someone please enlight me on this topic

    As a backup plan, i was thinking to change her status back to H1(since she is on h1 currently) after expiry of H4 EAD? Has anyone gone through this process? if so , please let me know the process and risks involved?


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    Thought of closing the loop by updating the status : Today our petitions are approved(H1,H4/EAD), since it was filed in premium, we got results in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed to receive EAD Card without any issues.