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Join new employer with just H1B Transfer receipt!

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  • Join new employer with just H1B Transfer receipt!

    I am currently on H1B with employer A and planning to join employer B with just he H1B receipt notice. I understand there is risk involved, but trying to understand what options I would have if for some reason the H1B is not approved? Here are few things I want to confirm from the experts here
    1) Can I stay in USA if I have valid I94. For e.g., it is until Feb 2020, can I stay until then and ask my new employer to refile the H1B or look for other employers to file new H1B?
    2) If I cannot do above, can the new employer file a review with USCIS and I can continue to stay in US until USCIS responds?
    3) Can the employer file another H1B for me and I can stay and continue working for them?
    4) If none of the above are work, how much time I would have to leave the country?

    Thank in advance!