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Travel outside country AFTER submitting DS160

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  • Travel outside country AFTER submitting DS160


    I am an H1B visa holder and currently, I am in USA. I will be travelling to India next month for my wedding. My future wife's H4 visa application (DS-160) has already been submitted and the visa dates have already been booked. My H1B is valid for another year, so I did not have to fill out an application for my own H1B renewal/extension. It is only she who needs to go to a visa interview now and get the visa stamped on her passport.

    My question is - are there any repercussions to me, the H1B holder, travelling outside of USA before her interview? I may need to travel to Canada for a couple of days for work. This means my date of last entry into USA will change and my I-94 number would also change. Since H4 visa is dependent on my H1B visa and her DS-160 is already submitted, would my travelling outside the country have any negative effects on the dependent's (H4) visa interview?

    I realize that I am not the applicant attending the interview, but my concern is that her H4 visa is dependent on mine. I just want to check if I would be required to stay within the country until her H4 visa is done.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!