Hello Everyone,

Sharing my Visa Interview experience

I attended my H1B visa interview in Hyderabad consulate on Oct 9th and was issued form 221(g) and my application is put under administrative processing. Below were the questions asked.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning. How are you?

VO: I am doing good. How about you?
Me: Am doing good too.

VO: Can i have your I797?
Me: Handed over the original copy

VO: What is your Petitioner name?

VO: Are you going to work from client site?
Me: No. I will be working from our office XYZ location in USA

VO: What will be your position?
Me: Answered

VO: I am going to make a copy of your I797
Me: Ok. I have a copy with me if you want.

VO: Thanks. But i have already started the process
Me: Ok

VO: Are you going to work from client site? (Repeat question)
Me: I tried to answer this with additional information

VO: (After some time) I am keeping your passport and am putting your application in administrative processing. (He handed over the form). You should get an update in a week.
Me: Ok. Thanks.

I have read through other posts and it seems to be usual now-a-days. One thing i want to highlight is that the consulate mentioned on my I-797 is New Delhi but i took the interview in Hyderabad. Could that be the reason for 221(g)? Should i be concerned?