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H1B transfer problem ?????

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  • H1B transfer problem ?????

    Hi guys,

    I got a job offer from a new company which willing to transfer my H1B to work for them. However, their immigrant lawyer asking me to provide previous employer letters about the job duties to meet their job requirement. One of them was just a freelance job. i think they are going to use that to apply for my h1b transfer.

    My first company which applied for my H1b did not ask me for those letters. so i did not mention about freelance job in my resume when they applied my H1B and i got approval.

    Is that ok if i provide them a resume with a freelance job (which i did not mention in the previous jobs) ? is that going to impact my H1B transfer approval ?

    I did not lie or cheating anything, just not sure how that works.

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