My h1b extension and h4 with our old employer got approved with validity between June 2018 to June 2021. I recently changed my employer with H1b transfer. My H1 got transferred to the new company until Sept 2021. When I changed my employer, we didn't file the H4 extension for my wife. I want to file the extension (I539) for my wife now but we have to travel to India in December. Our visa's also expired in June 2018. So, we have to go for stamping in India. Now, I am confused about my wife's H4 status. Her I797 for H4 has date of June 2021. Can we go for stamping with that I797 or is it invalid now because I changed my employer? If I apply the 539 now, it won't get approved before December and it would be deemed cancelled as we are going out of country. Please suggest what would be best in this scenario?