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H1B petition transfer from Company A to B

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  • H1B petition transfer from Company A to B

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering if anyone have been in my case before?

    I'm an international student studying in US. I got an offer from company A and it is gonna file H1B petition for me next year (2019).

    However, early next year (Spring) I might get another offer from another company B, I don't think company B can file petition for me before the 2020 deadline (April 1st 2019?).

    Right now I would say I prefer to join company B but I don't wanna lose year 2019's H1B lottery opportunity. If I let company A file the petition for me and later bail out of the offer from company A and join company B, and if I'm to be drawn from the lottery, will I be able to transfer this H1B from company A to B?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Not a legal advice, sharing information from my knowledge.

    You will have to join company A and then have company B file cap exempt H1B(transfer). As to transfer, you need to show 3 pay stubs, hence you may want to work with company A for atleast 3-4 pay cycle.