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Applying for H1B from OPT. I need some advise.

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  • Krishna.jira7
    Overall he might have 3 chances of applying for H1B. So April 2019,as resources say that their is more chances for picking in lottery, he can go for April 2020 but, we dont know how the days in trump administration. Most of them will not wait for 36 months. Myself tried for 1st time, not picked...2nd time ts picked even though I have 3 chances as well...My friends lottery not picked for 2nd time as well...they have last chance now which push us into more tension....overall mind set of people is.."got H1B means settled in US" where as OPT means still settling....TAXES YOU WILL SEE DIFFERENCE OF $500 from OPT to H1B...........I would suggest to go for H1B from 1st attempt without wasting lottery chances. keep in mind the..LOTTERY SHOULD PICK AND APPROVE, you might aware how difficult that is happening now...
    NOTE...If he not married, then go marry in OPT and apply for H1B...to escape stamping procedure or struck in US etc...LOL

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  • Uranium243
    started a topic Applying for H1B from OPT. I need some advise.

    Applying for H1B from OPT. I need some advise.


    I am asking this question for a friend.

    7 years ago, while I was still working on OPT, before switching to my H1B visa from my employer, I had filed for my taxes. And my experienced Tax accountant said "you're lucky, you get 100% of your returns back". (I was hired in May while in OPT, filed taxes in Feb, and my employer had taken paperwork from me to file for my H1B for the coming April 1st). And surely indeed, I did receive 100% back of my taxes back (both State and Federal) that year which was fantastic. While I don't know how or why, that is not the reason why I am here.

    My colleague/co-worker just got hired to our team, and he just started this past November, and started his OPT for the first time in November too. He's a recent PhD graduate from CalTech. His role is mostly in the US in R&D. He has the option to file for the paperwork for an H1B visa through my employer (Employer's sponsor legal firm does the filing). He wants to know whether or not he should file for the H1B visa now (for the coming April 2019 cut-off date) or if it is better (financially smart) to wait until next two years (he said OPT is now 36months).

    (Of-course, uncertainties and standard rhetoric still applies and understood.)
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