Hello Friends,

I am looking for urgent help in my case as to whether stamping is allowed in my case or not. I am elaborating the details.

I have H1-B I797 that has validity until July 21 2019 but after I received this I797 approval from USCIS there occurred some series of events after which I am in dilemma whether I am still eligible to travel to US through this I797 work Permit or not. Kindly suggest your honest opinions. Below I am elaborating the case:

NOTE: All thru this duration I was in India and am still in India.

I work for ABC IT Company in India and I received a H1-B Work Permit Approval on 7 March 2017 and the Work Permit is valid until 21 July 2019. This work permit was for Client X and Charlotte, NC location. At the time of receiving this approval from USCIS my designation in my company ABC was D1 .

Then I got a designation change to designation D2 in Oct 2017 and I got a change of project from client X and started working for another client Y project while still being employee of company ABC.

My company wanted me to travel to US for the Client Y project which was in NJ location and do due to change of client location and my designation change, instead of H1 Amendment they filed H1 Not Subject to Cap was filed for this US opportunity. But I received a denial for this H1 Not Subject To Cap from USCIS.

However, my original approved H1-B Work Permit still has validity date till 21 July 2019. So kindly let me know specific answers to each of the following:

1. If I want to travel to US for the old client X and to old city Charlotte, NC, is my original H1-B Work Permit (that has validity date 21 July 2019) still eligible for travel to US?

2. Does the recent HNSC denial that happened above (as I stated above) makes the already existing H1 work permit also invalid even though its validity is till July 21 2019 and I want to travel for old client X to same old city?

3. Also, I don't have the visa stamped on passport? Can I get the stamping done if the original H1 work Permit is still eligible for travel?

I have already got the confirmation (from my employer and in an another thread in immihelp as well) that my existing petition(for old client X ) is valid and eligible for travel. But employer is not sure if I can go for stamping due to the HNSC denied for client Y.
Can someone really knowledgeable help me here in answering query #3, if stamping of the existing petition is allowed for me if I am travelling to old client?
I REALLY NEED THIS INFORMATION AT THE EARLIEST as not many months are remaining in my petition expiry.