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is it mandatory to carry HDFC reciepts for stamping

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  • is it mandatory to carry HDFC reciepts for stamping

    My wife is going for h4 stamping. Reciepts of Rs. 4600/- each for her and son got misplaced. The appointment obtained based on the barcode number of the receipts. Are the receipts mandatory for attending the interview for H4 stamping. Can some one help me with the information. Thanks

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    Yes, the receipts are mandatory for attending the interview. You need to submit the acknowledgement copy (yellow) with barcoded stickers (two) along with the visa application form.

    AFAIK, you'll have to redo the whole process in case you lose the receipts. Please do check with VFS and confirm before you go ahead redoing the process.

    Please do reply and share what VFS told you.


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      My Uncle and aunt forgot to take the receipts to the consulate when they went for the interview last month. So , the VFS guys at the consulate asked them to take new dds for the visa fees and attend the interview the same day with the previous appointment. So I am sure you can talk to the VFS guys and still attend the interview with the same appointment which you scehduled with ur first dds. check with VFS before you do that... best of luck!!


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        I am not sure if you can go to consulate without HDFC receipts. I had attended H1B visa appt on 23rd JUne and there was a lady at the consulate who had forgotten/lost her receipt. They sent her back saying that she has to take new appointment.

        Call VFS and enquire.