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6 Yr H1b expired - H4 stamping in Canada

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  • 6 Yr H1b expired - H4 stamping in Canada

    Hi ,


    My 6 Year H1b expired and although my my employer filed for I 140 on premium , it was returned as it had to be accompanied by Original Certified Perm document. My employer has misplaced it and now I 140 has been re-applied on regular processing which'll take around 8-12 months .

    I don't have an H1b extension , and hence looking to go for the H4 EAD although it's extremely dicey now , in terms of what's gonna be the fate of H4 EAD folks. Still going for it ...

    Applied H4 from the US in oct 2018 and since processing is Vermont not sure how long it'll take. Contemplating going to Canada for stamping H4. , so EAD can come quickly

    Anybody has any prior experience on this kind of scenario , please share your thoughts.Much appreciated