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Old H4-EAD lost and don't have receipt number, now applying for new F1-OPT

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  • Old H4-EAD lost and don't have receipt number, now applying for new F1-OPT


    I am currently on F-1 student visa and applying for OPT in March 2019.
    My husband applied for H4 EAD card sometime in December 2016(My H4 visa was valid until June 2018). We traveled back to back to our home country after 3 months in March 2017 and we applied for divorce. I haven't received the H4-EAD card until then. Our divorce got finalized in early 2018.
    In the meantime, I came back to the US on F-1 student visa after 4 months, from travelling back to my home country, in August 2017 and the immigration officer cancelled my H4 visa stamp.
    Now I'm applying for my F1-OPT, but I don't have any details about the H4-EAD card which my ex-husband applied to such as receipt number, relevant dates etc.
    So, what should I do now while filing the new F1-OPT I-765 form:-

    1. Should I mention that I had previously been issued an H4-EAD card (I'm guessing that H4-EAD card must have been issued until June 2018, same as my H4
    visa validity and now expired), but I don't know relevant dates and receipt number; and ex-husband and me are not on speaking terms, so I doubt he will help
    me with these details.
    2. should I say nothing as I didn't receive the old H4-EAD card and it must have been expired by now?