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H4 221g passport submission

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  • H4 221g passport submission

    Hey guys. I desperately need some help.

    I had my interview on *30th October* 2018 for H4 and I got green slip under 221 g. No documents were asked and I got put under Administrative processing. I had previously visited the US 3 times on B1/b2 visa.

    Now, after 3.5 months of patiently waiting I emailed the Mumbai consulate on 11th February 2019 and they replied very sweetly and within 2 days I got email stating that my AP was complete and that I must submit passport for final processing. Again I had no documents to submit and only submitted my passport.

    They received my passport on 19th February 2019 and today is 14th march. It's been more than 3 weeks and there has been only 1 update on CEAC on 12th march. Status still says AP.

    I am so confused. My husband and I so frustrated. The wait doest seem to be over. please guide!!