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  • H1-Transfer

    Hi Seniors,

    I am working for a company X from Jan 2006 with a sal of 45k/anually with the following
    commitements to the comapny X.
    1. Signed one contract agreement for 3 years.
    2. breach of contract duration is around 50k$
    3. notice period is 2 months.
    4. also made to sign a demade note worth of around 50k$ in the event of breach.

    I got a good offer and I am ready to transfer my H1B to another company Y.
    My queries are:

    in the event of my breach;
    what should I do? Will the Company X sue me even after me giving the notice
    period of 2 months.?

    Is this kind of contract/bond valid?

    please advice me.


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    I have also changed employers, many people who i know changed employers. They sent notice to sue etc..., so far nothing legal has come.
    One thing I heard is if we can change state in USA, its more difficult for them to track and sue...Good Luck, you may consult a lawyer (they offer 15 minutes of free consultation)