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B2->>H1B changed..Can i goto Canada fro stamping?

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  • B2->>H1B changed..Can i goto Canada fro stamping?

    Hi there,

    I came to US from Australia 2 years back on B2 Visa issued in Melbourne. I got it changed to H1B and my current visa is good till 2009. Can i goto Canada for stamping? Or is it advisable to goto India only for stamping?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience

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    hope you can help!

    hello there. i am called avin and i am an indian national currently in adelaide.
    I am planning to apply for a visit visa to the US this december to visit my sister and brother in law.

    I was wondering whether you could give me any tips / suggestions or even guidance on my application process and also the documentation.

    I have been in oz just over an year now and i am doing my second master degree ( got my first one in the UK) and i have got more than an year left to go.

    I wish ya all the best and
    I hope you could help me on this. thanks and regards