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H1b stamping without I-94

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  • H1b stamping without I-94

    Hi all

    I am currently residing in US and have got my H1 approved date as on October 2nd, the approval notice says 'the consulate and port of entry has been notified the approval of this case'.

    Case History
    I have H1 visa in May through a recruiter and then since I had to leave for India went there, but returned back on july 31st. Meanwhile there was an INS enquiry on July 27th asking the reason for going out of country. On July 31st we faxed the new I-94.

    Current Fact/Problem
    H1 has been approved and the approval date is on October 2nd. But now the approval notice doesnot hold new I-94 and says chennai consulate is informed for stamping.
    Since I am already in the US, I was wondering if there could be anyway that I could avoid going back to India for stamping(specially cause i would have to travel with my 10 month old baby again)and
    Can I Apply for change of status Instead?

    Anyone before encountered or heard of a problem like this before, please write me your suggestions. Any light or input in this regard will be very helpful

    Also do you think I should approach any immigration lawyer. Will they be able to help me in this regard. If yes, then can you please share any email addresess or phone numbers of any lawyer whom I could take appointment with

    Thanks for all the advises and suggestions
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