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Very complex situation...of a pharmacy student

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  • Very complex situation...of a pharmacy student

    Hi all,

    I'm currently enrolled as a F-1 student in a pharmacy doctor program of an U.S. college of pharmacy and intending to work here in the future as a pharmacist but I'm facing quite a few problems..

    Due to the mandotry military service obligation from my home country, I will need to go back and serve after my OPT.
    Hence my plan was to get a H1 visa after graduation, completion of OPT, and serving in the military and then come back to reside in the U.S. permanetly.

    Now the problem is whether if I'll be able to obtain a H1 visa at that point (specifically regarding the interview) because:
    1) I have been in the U.S (as a F-1 student) for more than 9 years now, and will be around 10~12 years by the time of the potential VISA interview.
    2) By then I will only have a valid U.S. pharmacist license, a U.S. pharm.d. degree, which is not valid in my home country (Although I'll be eligible to sit for the licensure exam)
    3) We don't have a doctor of pharmacy program in my country, we have BSPharm instead
    4)I have 2 aunts and 1 uncle in the U.S. They got their citizenships long time ago and all their children/grandchildren were born in the U.S.
    5) All my immediate family/siblings are back in my country and they're not intending to immigrant to the US.

    I'm really worried about this right now because alot of my background informations suggest that I might be a potential immigrant. My family and I have invested alot of time and money to get this degree and I really cant imagine if they all end up with nothing......

    One alternative way that I thought of is to take a break from school now, go back to my country and complete the military obligation.
    Therefore after I graduate I'll have a chance to go straight into OPT and H1 without having to leave the U.S. in between. Seems like there are alot less complications that way.

    But now the problem to that is...will there be any problems with re-issuing of my F-1 VISA and my re-entry to the U.S. after military service as a returning F-1 student to finish up my pharmacy degree?

    PS. I don't think escaping from the military is an option because my country will stop issuing me valid passports once my education is over in the U.S. I doubt it's possible to go through all the application processes from initial H1 to PR to citizenship with an expired passport..?

    I'm sorry about how long this post is..it's really giving me a big headache..
    I have insomnia everytime if i think about this before I sleep...(just like now..9am and still wide awake..)

    Therefore any advices will be really really really really appreciated!

    Thanks all and have a great day.