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passport name clarification

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  • passport name clarification

    I got my passport issued initially from India in 1995 where in they printed my full name as my father's name followed by my given name. So when I came to USA, all my US records have my father's name as first name and my name as last name.

    Recently I had to renew my passport and then they printed my name as given name and my father's name as surname. I am traveling to India shortly to get my H1-B visa stamped. Will there be any problems because of this?

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    what are you saying... that you had a passport for 10 years with a mistaken name???


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      No .. Initially when the passport was issued, there was no differentiation between given name and surname.

      Since initial is father's name, father's name came out as first name and my actual name came out as last name in all my US documents. Now the renewed passport has it the otherway around. Hope it is clear ...