Myself(for H1B) & wife(for H4) jointly attended the interview at Chennai consulate on 20th November 2006. After the interview the officer issued a 221g form asking some more petitioner documents. He also added that I don't have to attend for another interview but just drop these documents at the VFS centre. He kept our DS-156 & DS-157 forms with him
The officer verified all my educational & Experience certificates & was satisfied with them as he didn't ask for any more personal documents. Since he issued 221g he didn't check my wife's documents like marriage certificate, marriage photos etc
Now I have recieved all these documents from my petitioner & Iam ready to submit. I have the following queries with respect to submission at the VFS drop box

1. Do I need to fill new DS-156 & DS-157 for both myself & my wife along with this submission or can I use the old forms

2. Do I need to submit my educational & experience cerificate copies along with this submission

3. Do I need to attach my marriage certificate copy & marriage snaps in support of my wife's H4

4. Kindly advise on what all other documents are recommended to be attached along with this submission

Thanks in advance