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H-1 visa stamping in Trinidad

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  • H-1 visa stamping in Trinidad

    I am citizen of India . I was student for 5 years in the US and now I am working in the US and have an approved H-1 petition. I need to get my H-1 stamped for the first time.

    Does anyone know if I can get my H-1 stamped in Trinidad and Tobago or any of the Caribbean islands?

    Thank you very much for the help,
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    Hello you are not explain properly,

    what is the status now, student or others,

    now i am in USA coming from Jamaica, stamping purpose you are interesting to go Trinidad?
    generally stamping purpose every body going to Canada,

    stamping from Caribbean not a problem,


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      Is this ur first stamping or have u got an H1 visa stamped before? I think if this is your first time, it is usually recommended that you get it stamped in your native country, which is India. Subsequent visas can be stamped in any US consultates outside India.

      This is what I had read on consulate websites when I travelled to Canada last year for my visa stamping. You may want to go through the FAQs on the contulate websites before making a decision.