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Visa class change from H1B to H4.

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  • Visa class change from H1B to H4.

    How can i change the visa class from H1B to H4.

    Me and my wife attened interview in Chennai. We both were issued visa, me H1B and her's was also H1B.

    I found out that the my wife's appointment letter also had Visa class as H1B.

    But i want my wife's visa to be depenedent visa "H4".

    Should the visa class be corrected from " H1B" to "H4" ? What is the process of getting the correction done?

    On my wife's passport the Visa Type is "R" and Class is " H1B".

    And the annotation column has " P.A.: my name" which is my name.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    If the employer didn't file for her H1B, she would get H4.

    Maybe visa officers didn't look into it properly.
    Check with them, and get the right visa.