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  • H4 VISA status

    I am in US since aug 2005 with my wife and was on L1 visa, my wife was on dependent L2 visa. I had filed my h1 in April 2006 and
    in sep 2006 i had received my h1 papers. Upon receipt of h1 visa i noticed that my company forgot to file h4 visa for my wife. An h4 visa was filed in sep 2006 and on oct-1 i switched to h1 visa with a different company. Now i am seeing that the effective date of h4 visa is 12-nov-2006 i was hoping it to be 1-oct-2006. My wife is planning to go to India in Jan -2007, she has to get here stamping before comming back here. Will there be any problem in her stamping? What was her status between 1-oct-2006 and 11-nov-2006?
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    Company won't file for H4.
    They only file for H1, and all dependents of H1 applicant will get H4 visa.