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How long to wait for 221(g) clearance

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  • How long to wait for 221(g) clearance

    Hi every one,

    I was given 221 (g) blue hand out on Dec 11. Consulate will contact me when AAP is over.

    How long do I wait for the response.

    Will I get a Response even if Visa is denied.

    No employer will wait for an indefinite time.

    Will it harm my Visa process if I try to ask the Consulate for an update?

    In a fix. Not able to decide on future career steps.

    Please respond.


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    Hi Kiran,

    no timeframe for AAP.

    I got 221(g) on Nov 14, 2005, and went to Consulate with the required documents on 3rd Jan, 2006. They taken all documents and said they will do AAP and then they will contact me.

    Its been a year and still they are saying its still in Processing.

    I noted 1 thing from last one year that Chennai Consulate people are issuing B1 visas more and they are putting queries on H1B applicants. I am not sure but its just my view.