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221 g blue form chennai... drop box...

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  • 221 g blue form chennai... drop box...

    friends plz absorve my exp with visa officer and give me suggestions.
    my visa interview was at chennai counslate on Dec 10th 2006
    visa type: h1b speciality occupation

    VO : heloo ..
    Me : hi sir... good morning ... h r u.sir..?
    VO : fine thanq

    VO : which visa...
    Me : h1 sir...

    VO : ok .. who is ur pettitioner. ..
    Me : xxxxxxx inc ...

    VO : you have any related documents for this...
    Me : yeah sir.... 1 sec...i gave him I 797 , I129(total bunch ) , DS 156 , DS 157, counslate letter.. and job offer letter.

    VO : again who is ur pettitioner ?
    Me : xxxxxxxx inc ... which is new york based company...

    VO : ok ... looking into my DS papers...
    VO : you have any tax papers... of this company..?
    Me : yup.. i gave him bunch...
    VO : he started turning all papers clearly...

    VO : how much is ur pay offer ?
    Me : 50000 $ per annum

    VO : ok....looking into tax papers.... he is absorving each and every paper clearly..

    VO : just a min.....he went inside with tax papers...
    i can see him roaming here and there.with those tax papers through cabin glasses.....

    Me : i was litreally standing there....about 20 mins...

    VO : after 20 mins he came along with those tax papers... and start typing something in his system ..for 5 mins..

    Me : i was still standing Idle

    VO : ok what is ur pay offer? ( he asked mee again )
    Me : yeah it is 50000 $ per annum sir

    Vo : ok... typing somthing in his system again

    VO: what is ur highest degree?
    Me : bachelor of technology in computer science and engineering. ..

    VO : ohh so ur from computer background
    Me ; yes sir..
    VO : again typing somthing in his system...

    VO : do u have any personal tax papers...
    Me : yes i showed him my tax returns...

    VO : which company ur working ?
    Me : xxxxxxx hyd... ( typing )

    Vo : ok.. how many years of exp u have ?
    Me : 2 years sir.. ( typing )
    Vo : who is ur client...
    Me : i am going for internal project sir...( typing )
    Vo: ok
    Vo : what is ur project ..?
    Me : project is xxxxxxsir.. it is anxxxxxxx blah..

    Vo : ok.... again typing something in his system for 2 mins..
    i am again idle for 2 mins here..

    Vo : ok sir i am putting ur case on hold....i am giving u 221 g ....in which i want these these documents... he is showing mee the 221 g in whichhe is ticking revelant columns..

    Me: i was surprised and asked him what all these doc sir..politely. .

    Vo : i want some clarifications regarding US taxpapers in which some doc are missing.... and i want list of the empoyees and there.. tax returns clearly..

    Me : ok

    Vo : again started ticking columns...in 221G paper
    me: i saw him ticking project description column..immedly i respond to him..sir i have project discription. ..

    Vo : no i will check it out latter... drop allthese related doc's in any VFS center and dont drop ur passport... we will call u later on to this mobile number..(he is showing my number in DS form)

    Me : ok sir..

    Vo : except DS 156 , DS 157,and Appointment letter..he pushed all my documents out..and stamped my passport saying( application received on dec 7 2006 )..

    Vo : plz adjust those papers.. i have disturbed them....( tax papers )
    Me : its ok sir i can...

    Vo : ok good luck...
    Me : thanq.. marry christmas sir
    Vo : u too..

    221G blue form details.... dropbox at any (v f s) center

    221 (G)

    1) Detailed Project Report of internal development
    project to which you will be assigned . Include a
    Complete tech description, employer, time line, current
    status, number of employees assigned , worksite
    Location and marketing analysis for the final

    2) State unemployment Wage report showing all wages
    Paid to each employer in the State for past two
    Quarters as filed to all states.

    3)A Notarized list of al the petitioners employees of
    the job site listed .the list should show all
    employees names, their specific job titles and their
    individual salaries and immigration status

    4) Petitioner’s Income tax returns for the last two
    years and financial statements.

    5)A copy of petition with all supporting documents as
    Filed to USICS

    A copy of employment Contract or letter of agreement
    Signed by u and the petitioner.

    Actually VO officer told mee .. not to drop passport along with documents..why did he told mee like that...? and what are chances of getting visa..?
    friends Plz help me immediatly. wether i should drop my passport along with doc's at vfs hyderabad... if any body face this type of problem mail me or call me at [email protected] yahoo.com or 9849429047 hyderabad

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    Hi Ashwin,

    even i got the 221g blue form.
    But the 221g form clearly says we need drop in all the required documents with the passport, so even i am not clear as to we should submit our passport along with the docs ?

    let me know if you come across more information.



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      221g blue form chennai

      did u drop ur passport along with ur documents.... i am also little bit confused here... so plz tel mee what should i do... ?


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        221 G Procedure

        you should drop your passport only if the VO asked you to drop it.

        Somecases VO will ask you to drop the passport and in somecases they will not. Basically, if they want to interview you again then the VO will ask you NOT to drop the passport but if the VO feels he can review your documents offline and issue / deny you a visa then he will ask you to DROP the passport.

        Hope this clarifies.


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          Dropping Passport


          When the VO told you not to drop the apssport then you shouldn't. Include the all the documents he/she has mentioned on the 221g and then drop them at the Hyd VFS office.

          In your case my assumption is that they have put your case for futher Adminstrative Processing. check your 221g for this. Which means they(consulate) have to do some background check about your employer and make sure if they are geniune.

          The reason why he asked you not to drop the Passport is that once they finsih the processing they will contact you and let you know if you have to sned in the passport or appear personally for the interview again.

          keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. This might take some time. Anywhere between 2-6 months. Better inform your prospective employer and request him to provide you all the necessary documents.

          Good Luck!!!


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            i droped my passport along with my doccumnts....

            i droped my passport along with 221g documents.... b'cose vfs people.. told mee to drop passport by seeing my blue form.......i droped it 10 days back but till now noo result from them.... anybody plz tel mee how days they will take to process my case...


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              HI Aswin007.

              HI..Aswin , Who is your petitioner. Is it Innergraph Inc ? New Jersy.
              My case was held on 221-g AAP, 4 months back... 3 months back my working company got phone from Consulate, Asked whether iam really working here or not. Everything in my case is genuine.

              Now a days process is moving very slowly on 221-g cases.

              Did you request your petitioner. I think , in your case documents asked by you are little bit difficult documents from petitioner side.. You request your petitioner to send those documents.



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                Hi Ramesh ,

                I also have a similar case where my case is pending with 221(g) AAP .
                The VO asked me not to contact or return back to the consulate and that they would contact my petitioner instead .

                My interview was on Nov 9th and till date neither me nor my petitioner have heard anything from them .

                When was your interview ? After they contacting your petitioner , was there any update on your visa? Is there any way where we can follow up the 221(g) AAP cases ?



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                  Cool it. I know you might be worried. 221g with AAP as i mentioned earlier can take 2-6 months especially with more and more 221g cases ( remember they have increased the no of counters in all the consulates and they are running short of staff. Just in case you are worried about passport you can call the Consulate and request them to send back your passport which they would do with a stamp saying passport returned. Then since ur case is in AAP they wud updated your case status online either by asking you to send in your passport, or come personally or if your case/petition has been disqualified.

                  Good Luck....


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                    vfs drop box

                    hi ramesn...
                    my employer sent mee all required doc's ....... it is..california.. based company...


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                      221 g blue form

                      hi..... n_pri10

                      how do u know that ur 221 is AAP.... did ur interviewr mention to you.... that ur case is in aap process... plz let mee know.... if possible please send ur interview conversation clearly.... for my case he didn't told mee that my case is in AAP... he told me to drop all required doc's and told not to drop passport thats it.. plz


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                        221 g blue form

                        hellooo 221g aspirants.....
                        after droping all doc's in vfs anyone got visas.....plz post there experience here.... soo that everybody can know about it... so plz guyz dont neglect this.... post ur 221g experience clearly.... in my case... i also got 221g of 7 doc's and i got it from my employer and i sent them through vfs 10 days back..
                        now i am waiting for the result....


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                          Hi Ashwin .

                          Well i know that my case is 221(g) Administrative processing as the same section is ticked in the blue 221(g) form that was issued to me .. Its clearly mentioned in the section of that form that the case is administrative processing and that they will be returning my petition back to USICS for further review . On completion of the review they will contact my petitioner .

                          Neither me nor my petitioner has heard anything from them . In my case the VO did not have any problem with my education (i hold a masters degree in computer science) , the kind of job i was currently doing (working for a top MNC) or the nature of job I was going there for (senior concultant on the same job domain ) . He was worried about the company through which I had filed and whether they would be able to provide me with a decent job and pay !

                          My company i know for sure is genuine( I have my ex-collegues working there ) and does not have a bad reputation with the consulate , still this happend ! Nyway , the best is to wait and watch ....



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                            221 g blue form

                            hi n_pri10....
                            Actually in my case he didn't ticked on AAP section( the pettion is being returned to USCIS for further review upon completion of the review USCIS will contact your pettitioner. please wait for a notification from the counslate before returning...
                            but he ticked all possible checkboxes in the form 7 doc's.. from pettitioner side and wrote my case number on top..and he told mee to drop all these doc's through VFS.. that's it..
                            i droped my all 7 respective documents 20 days back..but vfs people told mee that the will respond you soon in 15 days of time.. i am still waiting for response.. acually how many days they will take in my case...?
                            i think in your case it will take atleast 3 months of time.. dont worry.. if everything ok from ur pettitioner side... then he should give u visa... if not you have right to claim a case against counslate... so dont worry... but it is only a matter of time.. that's it..


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                              221g blue form

                              hi friends & venkat..
                              plz respond to my above mesg...