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H4 to H1 transfer - Stamping

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  • H4 to H1 transfer - Stamping

    I will appritiate all the help I can get,

    I came in US in June 2004 on H4, in Nov 2004 i got my H1B from Company A but i was not working for 1 year, then I got job in January 2006 to company B(and in March 2006 I transfered my H1B to company B). I will have W2/Tax Paper and Paystub for whole 2006 but nothing for 2005. I am planning to take letters from Company A saying that "I was on traing for 1 year"

    I want to visit india in March 2007, On official site it is mentioned that we have to go to our home country for the first stamping.

    Can I go to new H1B stamping in canada?
    If No, and I have to go to India for stamping, Will it be as hard and risky as it is for any new H1B holder from India(who will be coming USA for first time)?
    If Yes, and they reject my H1B in canada , do I have to go back to India OR Is ther any way I can come back to USA ? because I have a job to attend.

    My husband is on 7th Year extension so he has to go for Re-stamping.
    Can he go to H1B Re-stamping in canada as well?
    Do we need to take appointments on different days or we can take it on the same day?

    And can anyone give the checklist of all the documents require for stamping because I am confused seeing all the forums.

    I am sooo much concerened because me and my husband already have a job in NY,USA and something goes wrong we will have to stay in india till all the process complete.

    Waiting for reply..

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    It should be fine

    I am thinking it should be fine if you have all your documents correctly. I see no problem at all for your husband. All the best


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      Thank you for your help I apritiate it