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H1 Visa problem..pls help me

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  • H1 Visa problem..pls help me

    Please, some one give me some suggestion or idea..
    Last year i came to US on h4 and later i got my H1 approval in august. In october, i went to india on my "H4" and returned to US with the same "H4" only."I didn't go for H1 stamping in india." That time we are not aware that it is a must to go for stamping when u go out of country.
    Now my problem is, i came to US with out any problem at immigration.I applied for the SSN and till now i didn't get my SSN and local office people told that they didn't get any reply from home land security reagrding my I-94.
    Now i am so much worried about my present situation.Like what will happen to my H4 or H1 visa if i come from with out H1 stamping.Please give some suggestion.
    Thanks in advance