I went for h1 stamping last February 2006 to Chennai. The VO told they need some more documentation about the employer , and told no need to come to consulate you can send the document through courier. I sent all the documents within 1 week. When I didn't heard anything from them after waiting 2/3 months , I contacted them and came to know that my application is went for administrative processing. I kept on waiting finally this december (after 10 months) I got a communication from consulate that they need some more documentation about the employer. I contacted my employer and they have not responded back (may be they are not interested any more to go ahead with the employment offer). Now I have no idea what to do. I might apply H1 this year , in that case I want withdraw my pending application from the consulate - any idea how to go about. Any suggestion regarding how to tackle this issue would help. Basically I don't want to get into any issue if I apply for US visa in future.
FYI - Earlier I have travelled US 3 times on various visas like H1 , L1 ...