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L1 to H1 conversion and legal valid period..,

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  • L1 to H1 conversion and legal valid period..,

    I am on L1 for close 5 years, RL1 time is expiring in FEB 2007 from company A, Company A has also applied from L1A with a change in visa category for extension which got approved and is valid upto feb 2009 that logical constitutes to 7yrs by feb 2009, but am planning to apply for H1 this april for October cycle through company B as company A is not ready to process green card.

    Question: since H1 is generally valid for 6 yrs, will my previous stay on L1 will be counted and new H1 will be valid only for 1 yr or can I stay for another 6yrs after h1 is approved.

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    L1 stay is counted into H1 when you change

    So if you have already completed 5 yrs , you have 1 more year left on your H1 to reach the 6 yrs limit