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Issued 221g - Mr Subramanya Help me

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  • Issued 221g - Mr Subramanya Help me

    Mr Subramanya need your advice,,
    I attended the interview in Singapore US consulate and i received 221g with a letter stating the below:
    "Based on the documents you have submitted to us, and the information elicited in your interview with an American Consular Officer, we will be returning your HIB petition to the Department of Homeland Security for further administrative processing.
    In accordance with United States law and Department of State guidelines, action on your case has been suspended, and the I-I29 Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker filed on your behalf will be returned to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
    (USCIS) with a memorandum explaining the facts of your case as presented to us at the time of interview. The U.S. Embassy in Singapore is no longer handling your case, and will be unable to give you any information on the status of your petition.
    For your information, your visa was refused today under Section 221(9 of the
    Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Essentially, this section states that avisa cannot be issued to anyone whose application does not appear to the Consular Officer to meet the requirements of the INA or of the regulations thereunder. "
    VO took the I129 form and other documents and retured back my documents. My employer has send me a duplicate H1 approval notice and asking me to go for stamping again.
    What is your advice to go again with duplicate copy?